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Shortcake and Hiatus Announcement

Shortcake is a wonderfully sweet, affectionate female cat with a purr as big as her heart is. This will be my last post for a while. I’m having thumb surgery and will be… Continue reading

Feline Friendships: Snicker & Skiddles

Snicker (black) and Skiddles (orange tabby) are both adult male cats who have grown up in our adoption center. Snicker is 5; Skiddles is 3. They can be just as affectionate with people… Continue reading


Snicker trying out kitty hypnosis… “You will adopt me. You will bring me home.” Seriously, he’s been with us for 5 years now, and he needs a home. He’s bonded with Skiddles and… Continue reading



Violet’s favorite thing in the whole world is drinking water from the faucet! She’ll meow and beg you to turn it on for her. She’s not scared of people, but doesn’t always appreciate… Continue reading


Ryan is wondering why he’s been waiting so long for a home. He’s affectionate, gentle, loves being picked up and held, and gets along great with other cats. Why is he still waiting?

Snow White

Snow White is a big bundle of love who wants to be the only cat for you!


Leo is a loyal friend to humans and cats alike, but he does wait for people to take that first step. He’s a very affectionate cat with his human and feline friends. His… Continue reading


Nicole has really come a long way! She’s actively seeking attention from me now and isn’t hiding as much from strangers.

Sophie and Princess

Compared to our previous post, Princess (below) is Sophie’s mom, but they are not at all bonded. Princess disdains attention from other cats, even from her progeny. They both love human affection though!

Motherly Love

Kelly (brown tabby) is Oreo’s mom. They are adorable together!


Paws is a polydactyl female orange tabby. You want a rare cat who also loves to be loved, Paws is your girl! (I apologize for the break in posts. My husband and I… Continue reading


Brittney is our January Cat of the Month, and she cannot believe that she’s STILL HERE. She’s a loving, affectionate cat who has been with us a very long time now. She’s been… Continue reading



Doodles is an adult male cat who wants nothing more than to just sit by your side and be close to you. He delights in attention, but isn’t pushy and is more than… Continue reading


Henry wishes everyone a Happy New Year! May your 2014 be happy, and may his 2014 be the lucky year he and all his friends at Chesapeake Cats and Dogs find their forever… Continue reading


WHY is this handsome love-bug still available for adoption?? Pumice is THE cat to cuddle with in our adoption center. He’s an adult cat who yearns for attention as much as ANY kitten.… Continue reading


Ethel—my lap buddy—irked that she’s not on my lap!


Sylvia was returned to us along with her brother Domino after being in a home for several years. Despite being returned, she’s a happy, well-adjusted cat who enjoys being patted and is more… Continue reading

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip imagines what it would be like to be in a home of his own for the first time…



Hey, if you enjoy these pictures, like us on facebook! The reason the posts on here have slowed down is because I’ve been busy with the facebook page. So go check us out.… Continue reading


Beauty is a coy, petite charmer with the squeakiest meow she uses to get your attention!


Dawn had kittens last spring and her kittens definitely got their love of affection from their mom! Dawn’s a sweet, loving cat who adores laps. She’s also a female orange tabby, which is… Continue reading



Ethel is my main lap buddy! Her ideal person would be someone quiet, who spends a lot of time sitting at home. Someone, in other words, a lot like me, but who can… Continue reading


Domino was returned to us after being with a family for several years. He’s as loving as he is handsome. We hope his next home will be his true forever home!

Snicker & Skiddles

I just can’t get over how cute Snicker (black) and Skiddles (orange tabby) are together. They’ve both grown up in our adoption center; Snicker is 5 and Skiddles is 3. They both love… Continue reading


Sophie is the last kitten remaining from her litter, and we don’t know why. She’s loving, affectionate, and playful. She’s also good about being handled and tolerates having her claws cut. Plus, she’s… Continue reading


Leo can’t believe how big he’s gotten! He’s grown up in our adoption center and is now a fully-grown adult cat. He loves to play and cuddle with his feline friends, especially Oreo,… Continue reading


Munchkin is a young female Maine Coon mix who loves to play, loves to cuddle, and just loves life!